Anybody ever see Ninja Scroll? Not the watered down television show, but the actual, real Ninja Scroll movie released way back in the early 90s on an unsuspecting American public. Yeah, I saw that when I was 12 years old at a rebellious birthday party, and it traumatized the life out of me.

The anime classic is now a favorite of mine, but I bring this up because I get a real vibe from that film in this latest Nion trailer. Japanese demons, women when snake tongues, swordfighting with ruthless amounts blood. It could be the worst game on Earth, but I’d still play it just for that presentation. It is second to only Dark Souls in the genre that it is aiming for. Excellent stuff.

Luckily, it’s not the worst game on Earth, and it only hopes to get better. Koei Temco and Team Ninja have acknowledged fan response from the first demo, and the two companies will be putting out another one in August that addresses the biggest complaints.

Nioh is coming out for the PlayStation 4 in North America in 2016. It is striking at the right time now that the series it is clearly inspired by, Dark Souls, is being put on the shelf for a while. Fans who need a fix need only to turn here.