A brand new video from Nintendo of America highlights two of the host of features built into the Wii U. First, they go over the WaraWara Plaza, then they hit Wii U Chat. The WaraWara Plaza is what you'll be greeted with when you fire up your console. It's a social network, of sorts, built entirely around the Wii U's software. As players write things about the game they're playing, Nintendo will select a few of these messages specifically to display to the world of gamers.

It's a cool idea that will, hopefully, work towards building a great online community for Nintendo.

Nintendo decided to keep the WaraWara name they used briefly to describe a chunk of the MiiVerse for the Wii U. Good on them, WaraWara Plaza fits the feature perfectly, and it's a unique name the has a great home among Wii U terminology. "Wara wara" roughly translates to busy, bustling or random chatter in Japanese.

As much as I love Reggie Fills-Aime, his attitude and the awesome memes his personality has created, Reggie's Japanese is borderline cringe worthy. Yikes. Though, the Wii U chat service does seem really interesting. I assume the large delay during the discussion was only there because of the distance between Redmond, Washington and Kyoto, Japan. Hopefully, the delay will be less present when calls are made over shorter distances.

How do these things look and sound? Will you be snagging the Wii U?