Shigeru Miyamoto. Iconic game designer and creator of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and many of your favorite Nintendo franchises. Eiji Aonuma. Iconic game designer and producer of The Legend of Zelda for over 20 years! You won’t find a duo with better credits to their name anywhere in the video game industry. What is it like to work with them on a daily basis if you are a bright-eyed game developer in your early 20s?

Not everyone who works at Nintendo has their lofty credentials now. Many who were with the company back in the mid-80s have moved on or are still there working their magic, but naturally, Nintendo has needed to expand since then. The only way to create a workplace for the future is to higher younger, talented minds, and a new generation is currently being groomed within Nintendo to take the reigns.

Miyamoto and Aonuma recently sat down with Game Informer to discuss what it’s like working with younger people, especially those who look up to you as their hero or their icon. Honestly, I think Aonuma would be scarier. He’s always had an off-kilter sense of humor that is bound to keep some on their toes.

I’d be terrified…

I’m not really sure who my hero is in my professional life. Maybe Martin Scorcese, but I know that if I ever got the chance to work with him, I would be terrified out of my mind and probably suffer panic attacks. To work with such iconic talent on a daily basis, I’m sure it becomes natural at some point after a period of adjustment.

It’s like watching Tom Brady, another hero of mine, turn another rookie, one who watched him in high school, into superstar material. Yup, I’m still riding high on that cloud, by the way.