This video has started making the rounds on gaming blogs all over the net this morning. While it must be branded with a massive "RUMOR" stamp, most are asserting that the contents of the clip are of an internal Nintendo meeting and a presentation on the upcoming Project Cafe. Nintendo has not formally codenamed the successor to the Wii, but they have announced its coming and its definite presence at E3 next month.

The video has no audio, so what we're watching is the sneaky work of one "Video Games Editor" attendee keen on spreading the silent news of whatever it was that he or she was attending. The presenter gestures at a screen rife with schematics and models of Project Cafe leaks that we've already seen and posted. The video also makes note of what could be a prototype of the console sitting below the presentation.

How legitimate is the leak? Who knows. The meeting does look like the type of no-frills presentation that would be given to select members of the gaming media. And now's the time for pre-E3 meetings. Here's a little tidbit that might take away from the E3 glory: most large gaming sites see the games and write up their coverage well before the show even starts. Like, right now. Weird.

We'll know exactly how legitimate this footage is during the first full week of June. Nintendo's press conference is scheduled for June 7th. Expect a wealth of information on the Wii 2, Project Cafe or whatever they'll be calling it.

[via VG247]