Yes, we all know the subtle horrible themes that underlay Nintendo's Pokémon series. You kidnap wild Pokémon, imprison them in balls, and use them in what is essentially nothing shy of dog-fights. Only these monsters don't have to exactly worry about teeth and a strong set of jaws. They suffer through the worst of fire and electric attacks, have rocks thrown at them, get frozen in ice, have ghosts eat away at their sleeping brains, and even suffer physical scars from their battles.

This is just the tip of what Honest Trailers points out as it spells out all that it horribly inhumane about the Pokémon series and its players.

Who can relate? Did you honestly trade Pokémon with your friends, or did you just buy a second Game Boy and trade with yourself. I know I did, and I was also the only person of my group who owned the Blue version. Guess nobody wanted that Ninetails or Magmar.

They even go through the entire original 151 Pokémon and give great nicknames to each and every one of them, although I have to disagree with Bulbasaur being "The One Nobody Picked." I always did, but hey, I also was the only one who bought the Blue version. The only bad thing about Bulbasaur is that even though he is the best and undeniably cutest of the starting three, his evolved forms fall way short of Charizard and Blastoise in both stats and pure awesomeness.

Give it a watch, let us know if you agree. It's not loaded with foul language per se, but a few of the nicknames and implications made, mostly about Professor Oak, might not be the most appropriate.