Now that the New Nintendo 3DS XL is out in markets like North America, Nintendo's trying to put together adverts focused on what's so new and good about the handheld. I can attest that the device is really strong, though I'm not sure I like the "New Nintendo 3DS XL" moniker as it instantly leads to consumer confusion.

I digress. We have three clips, which you'll see spread over this article, that aim to educate potential consumers about what they'll find new with the handheld.

At the top of this post, you'll see what's become my favorite new feature so far: the C-Stick. The nub controls camera movement in games like Majora's Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and it makes the in-game experience so much better.

Next we have the Super-Stable 3D. As you move your head, the new camera system tracks your head movement and adjusts the 3D presentation so that the illusion keeps up with where your head is. It works very well, actually.

Finally, we have the enhanced processing power of the unit. You won't notice this tweak unless you're coming from an older 3DS. The system is much faster, leading to a quicker boot time, faster menu navigation within the main UI and faster game loading.

Did you pick up the New Nintendo 3DS XL? What do you think?