Step outside of the gaming and tech site bubble for a second. There’s a strong chance that your typical consumer isn’t nearly as knowledgeable as you are about all things games and tech.

Makes sense, right? We choose to steep ourselves in these worlds, and we glean information and understanding about products, companies and services at large at a constant clip. We know exactly what amiibo are and how they work because we’re always reading news about them.

Your average TV-watching consumer, though? If they’ve even heard of amiibo, I’d bet they don’t have a sound understanding of what they do for gamers.

Which is what makes Nintendo’s latest commercial such a success. It’s clear, it’s concise and it tells potential consumers exactly how to use amiibo and what they’ll get in games. It’s a good commercial for a company that has such a hard time delivering succinct product messages.

Now, if only it warned people about random amiibo rarity and supply drops. Ouch.