Nintendo’s Miiverse, the online community that links players and games, is set to get a redesign this summer. The word comes from the official Miiverse site and “Miiverse Guide: Tom,” who can’t see anything.

Miiverse Guide Tom

What’s coming to the Miiverse is mostly feature rich stuff. First, you’ll be able to save all your screenshots to an album. That keeps everything organized for future viewing and uploading. The album will be limited to 100 shots and private.

The Activity Feed will be spruced up as in-game content will move to the Play Journal. The Play Journal will let you pause and write about specific moments in specific games, and each entry will include a screenshot of the moment it was drafted.

Communities themselves will be broken up into three basic categories. The Play Journal Entries will have one tab, while Drawings will have another and Discussions will have one as well. You can’t draw in journals or discussions, so keep that to the Drawings section.

This all seems like a better pitch towards organization. You want to look at Splatoon drawings all day without sifting through a community of varied posts? Hit the Drawings section.

Finally, Nintendo has added some limits to all this stuff. Users will only be allowed 30 comments/posts per day, though that doesn’t count in-game posts. Maybe that’ll cut back on some of the constant noise on the Miiverse.

How do you feel about the redesign? How about the daily limits?