The MiiVerse is Coming to Smartphones and Browsers

The Nintendo MiiVerse is on its way to more platforms than just the Wii U.

MiiVerse Producer, Kiyoshi Mizuki, indicated during a panel at GDC that both browser and smartphone versions of the MiiVerse will be released in May, as Polygon reports. They'll come with basic commenting, doodling and community engagement features. Mizuki also announced that a Nintendo 3DS version was in the works, but that one has not been penned down for any specific time frame.

The MiiVerse itself is probably one of the most surprisingly awesome features on the Wii U. Nintendo fans have come together to create whole communities of good discussion, friendly banter and outstanding art. The image you see at the head of this post, for instance, was nabbed by me while I was drafting this whole thing up. It's the first piece of art I encountered when firing up my system.

The fact that gamers will be able to dive into Nintendo's exclusive social network from anywhere is awesome. Hopefully that strong sense of community extends to all platforms.

We'll have more on the MiiVerse as we hear it.