Nintendo has spoken out about its recent communication issues on getting all the facts about its console straight and not tapping audiences like it used to. With that in mind, here is one of the solutions Nintendo has dreamed up to get the company back on track: the Nintendo Girls Club.

No boys allowed.

Actually, I had no trouble accessing the Nintendo Girls Club to give it a quick look, and I didn't even need a secret password. It's not so different from the normal Nintendo channel with the biggest changes being an overabundance of purple, not pink, and some thick bubbly British accents. Must be because this is Nintendo UK's undertaking.

Host Jorgie Porter talks about games like she would to anyone looking to get into Nintendo games, not just girls, and not knowing where to start. She makes Animal Crossing: New Leaf sound so easy that even a boy could do it.

Game trailers feature Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Super Mario 3D World and Professor Layton, but also throw into the mix are also a couple of games not really targeted towards boys like LEGO Friends and New Style Boutique, the latter of which looks too fun to be allowed. That art style is giving me sweet sweet Mega Man Legends flashbacks.

If you are offended by this or think it shouldn't exist, as some would see thanks to the likes/dislikes counts, then you are obviously not the target audience. Nintendo is on the right track to attracting a new young female audience with unboxing videos and gameplay trailers geared towards them without too much excessive pandering.

Editor's Note: Arguably, having a "Girls Club" is excessive pandering in and of itself.

I love the sarcasm in the girls voice when she gets the Nintendo 3DS box open though. Nice.