Nintendo's sports fighting game Arms is the next big, original release for the Nintendo Switch, with nothing but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe between now and its launch. Time for Nintendo to get us excited with a hype train! I'm aboard!

The most recent trailer introduces us to the colorful cast of the game. Overwatch is the standard when it comes to singling out multiplayer games with excellent character design, and while I think arms comes up a little short in that regard, these colorful fighters are still a lot of fun.

Check out the video below.

Spring Man? This isn't Mega Man 7!

I'm digging the art design here. It's clearly a Nintendo game drawn by its usual artists, but it has a bit more of a Western art influence behind it, very similar to Splatoon. If the game can use that art style to catch on the same way that Splatoon did for the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch will be soaring high with kids in Japan.

And that means it will catch on in Japan in general.

Arms will be released for the Nintendo Switch in Q2 2017.