amiibo in One Piece in Japan

The first third party company to officially support Nintendo’s amiibo figurines?  Bandai Namco. The first third party game? One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X for the Nintendo 3DS.

The word comes from a scan of a recent issue of Shonen Jump. You can see the bottom half of that scan above. Once players tap their amiibo into play, the One Piece characters they use will don Nintendo-themed costumes. From left to right in the image above, we have Luffy as Luigi (which is killing me), Zoro as Link, Sanji as Fox and Luffy (again) as Mario.

“But, how will the amiibo work for the Nintendo 3DS without an NFC reader!?” you ask? Well, simple. First of all, the New Nintendo 3DS in Japan has an NFC reader built in. Nintendo is also in the midst of making a NFC adapter for older models. That should look something like this.

Amiibo on Nintendo 3DS

What do you think, folks? Are you excited by the idea of Nintendo’s classic characters being used as costumes in third party games? Heck, I’d love to see amiibo branch out and work with tons of third party stuff on both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. It gives gamers a reason to pick up the amiibo, and it should further foster third party relationships with Nintendo.

Plus, just look at how ridiculous Luffy looks as Luigi!