No matter what you personally think of Nintendo’s amiibo lineup, its general purpose or how the company has handled distribution, one thing is clear: there’s a craze for amiibo, and that’s something Nintendo really hasn’t seen with its products since the original Wii..

PBS has an Idea Channel on YouTube that explores things from all sorts of angles, and they just posted a clip about amiibo, which you’ll find above. I don’t think we’re supposed to pluralize amiibo as “Amiibos,” but whatever.

The clip generally explores the notion that Nintendo has found a way to bridge the gap between consumer and collector. A collector buys things to display them, and a consumer buys things to use them. With amiibo, you can display them as a collector while using them as a consumer.

That, combined with the shortages (whether manufactured or accidental), is why Nintendo’s amiibo line is doing so well.

The video is pretty good stuff, and it certainly covers the amiibo craze in some interesting ways.