Nintendo - Earnings Report - Characters

Nintendo posted big losses last year. In fact, it was the first year the company ever posted financial loss. That number came in to the tune of $455.9 million operating loss.

For 2013, however, the company has painted themselves a much better financial forecast. The core of its discussion lies in the current hardware price oft he Nintendo 3DS.

For the "Nintendo 3DS," its hardware has been sold below cost because of its significant price cut in the fiscal year ended March 31st, 2012.

That price cut, of course, came last August. The Nintendo 3DS went from $250 to $170. Since the cut, the system has sold well in all territories. It's too bad, then, that the cost to create each device is more than the amount to make with each sale.

Nintendo goes on to assert that the Nintendo 3DS will stop being sold below cost by the "middle of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013." They also indicate that upcoming software will help buoy or boost sales.

…a totally new side-scrolling action "Super mario" in 2D called "New Super mario Bros. 2" will release this August, and the latest version of the popular franchise for this handheld device, "Animal Crossing," is scheduled to be launched this fall in Japan. The newest title in the "Brain Age" series…will be released by this summer in Japan.

The company also points towards the Wii U as another big future component in sales.

Nintendo will release the "Wii U," the successor of the "Wii," mainly in Japan, the United States and Europe at the end of this calendar year, and propose a new play style of home entertainment with its unique controller embedding a 6.2 inch touch screen.

Of course, these forecasts are conjecture and can prove wrong by the time their target period is over. Do you think Nintendo will perform well in the coming year?

[via Nintendo]