Nintendo Minute has a brand new mini-series that is aimed squarely at the hearts of its longtime fans. “Backlog Buster” is dedicated to taking a look at classic Nintendo games through the Virtual Console and giving impressions for those who have not played them yet.

Longtime fans will feel happy knowing that their favorites are being pushed into the spotlight, and dare I say, they’ll enjoy that ping of superiority when they already know everything the hosts are talking about.

Backlog Buster’s inaugural game also happens to be a fan-favorite in the JRPG Earthbound. Hopefully, the hosts get their impressions right and avoid an all-out internet riot. Never mess with fanbases, kids. It’s not a path you want to walk down.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to more impressions on games that I have established opinions for 25+ years in the making. That’s not (total) sarcasm either. Part of what defines Nintendo classics is that they can still be picked up and enjoyed like they are brand new, no matter the age or generation of the player.

This is just that philosophy coming to form in a video.