Video games are huge. The Super Bowl is huge. It’s pretty rare, though, that we see a video game commercial during the big game. It’s even rarer that it’s for something other than a mobile game. This year, though, console maker Nintendo is going all-in with the Nintendo Switch, dropping the first Super Bowl ad ever.

The 30-second spot “builds on the worldwide excitement for the new Nintendo Switch video game system and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game,” Nintendo said in an official press release. The ad will show off the dual nature of the system and put Breath of the Wild in particular on display.

There’s an extended cut, too

The commercial will be set to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, because that’s just a rule for video game commercials now.

In addition to the 30-second spot on television, there’s an extended 90-second version of the ad on Youtube, highlighting the Switch being used in more locations and with more games. But it’s definitely not as good as the German Switch ad. Either way, Nintendo’s ad airs during Super Bowl LI, on Sunday, February 5.