GG2013 - Nintendo Wii U - Product - Hero

The shift from the Wii U to whatever Nintendo ends up calling their upcoming console, currently called the NX, won’t be slow and steady, it seems.

A report from Japanese business publication Nikkei indicates that Nintendo might be getting ready to cease production on the Wii U and that some Wii U accessories are already out of production.

The report doesn’t make any statements regarding the NX console, when it might release, or when Nintendo will have more to say about it, though if Nintendo is getting ready to shut down production on one it seems like they’d be doing that to ramp up production on the other.

It’s surprising in general to see a console ramp down so publicly, but the Wii U has had a hard time escaping from its predecessor’s shadow despite sporting some of the best software in the company’s history. We’ll learn more about whatever the NX is going to be later this year and hopefully it’ll be what gamers and consumers are looking for.