Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono wants to take the Marvel vs. Capcom idea and use it with Nintendo characters. That’s right, he’d be totally down with a Nintendo vs. Capcom game.

This all comes from an interview between Ono and StreetPass UK at a recent Street Fighter V event. They were chatting about fighting crossovers, and Ono offered that he’d love to see the likes of Zangief and Blank in Super Smash Bros., like what we have today with Ryu. Even further? He’d love to see a Nintendo vs. Capcom game happen.

Yoshi against Vega? Chun-Li taking on Daisy? Heck, what if it extended beyond just the Street Fighter lot and featured the likes of Mega Man and Phoenix Wright characters, too? Yeah, I’d play that brawler.

Nintendo, listen up! If Smash is really done this time, let’s see this one happen!