Vans finally released those special edition Nintendo shoes, shirts, hats, backpacks and other items that had been rumored and later confirmed. They’re available for order online but, knowing they’ll probably go quick, I called up my local store and discovered just a single pair of each size was available at my nearby mall. I hopped in the car during lunch on Friday and drove the 5 miles to grab a pair.

My wife is already going to kill me for spending $65 on a pair of shoes I don’t really need, so I could only pick up one. I went with the Donkey Kong set you see above, particularly because I dig the purple colors. There are a variety of options available with characters and themes from a host of Nintendo titles.

You’ll notice in the gallery above that the shoes ship in a unique Nintendo box that resembles the classic NES console. I’m kinda bummed my box came in pretty bad shape, but I’m not a shoe collector and don’t have to worry about resale value.

Also, while the store told me I would get a limited set of Nintendo/Vans collectible pins if I bought two or more items, they included the set you see above even with my single Nintendo/Vans item purchase. Collectors will no doubt enjoy that addition, too.

Planning on picking up a pair? Let me know what you go with.