Hold up: Vans has teamed up with Nintendo and produced the Zelda-themed shoes of your dreams. Forget Marty McFly’s self-tying shoes and Reebok’s Alien Stomper—this is the kind of cool collaboration geeks around the world deserve. Damn, Daniel, back at it again with the Nintendo Vans.

Vans is no stranger to fun pop culture collaborations; the California-based shoemaker previously produced Star Wars and Disney-themed kicks, providing fans with new ways to show their fandom. But this? Next level. I know people go gaga over Star Wars and Disney, but these Nintendo-themed shoes are the best yet.

The new line of sneakers feature famous characters from Nintendo’s 8-bit glory days, including Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and, best of all, Zelda, which I’m absolutely tempted to buy right now. These new styles are available in both high-top and low-top, giving fans plenty of choices when they hit in June.

Nintendo isn’t exactly in the best place following its less-than-exciting announcement of the Nintendo NX, so any kind of distraction is a good one. These themed shoes just so happen to be great. No pricing is available just yet, but classic era Vans typically run for around $50.

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