If you’re among the (more than likely) very small percentage of people out there still wanting to purchase a Wii, Nintendo has presented a release with some good news for this holiday season. Starting October 23rd, Nintendo of America will make the bundle you see above available for $149.99.

Buy it and you’ll be landing a black Nintendo Wii, one black Wii MotionPlus controller along with its black Nunchuck peripheral, New Super Mario Bros. Wii (one of the best games for the platform) and the Super Mario Galaxy Official Soundtrack that is being made available for the first time in this bundle and you won’t be able to purchase anywhere else, according to the release.

The bundle joins the already available, standard and successful pack featuring either a white or black themed console, Mario Kart Wii and the steering wheel controller housing.

While we’ll never scoff at a company’s attempt to sell consoles with bundled games, we have to wonder why Nintendo doesn’t offer even more attractive samplings than this one. Sure, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a fantastic title well worth the price of admission; however, the game has been available to purchase since November of 2009.

Why not go with something upcoming, instead? Why not wait until November 20th and release a bundle featuring The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword? Consider this: there are probably some old Nintendo die-hards that have passed on this system for various reasons. These are the folks that can remember gaming on the NES or the SNES with Link and his quests for the Triforce. Nintendo could have offered a lightly more expensive, golden Wii bundle for Skyward Sword and had landed a whole slew of gamers.

More than that, we bet there are Zelda fanatics out there who would have sold their current Wiis in order to buy up the limited edition versions. Just a suggestion.