Nintendo of America has stated that they'll be relaying the sales results of the 3DS' first few days to the American media early next week. The American launch of the Nintendo 3DS was last Sunday, so it makes sense that the company would wait a full week to announce results.

The UK division of Nintendo, however, saw the 3D handheld release last Friday. Don't break out the calendar or anything, but it's been a week and Nintendo of UK has just released the first week of sales for the 3DS.

In its first week after launch, the Nintendo 3DS sold 303,000 systems throughout Europe and 113,00 units in its first weekend of sale in the UK. According to VG247, that places the system ahead of both the Wii and the DS in their opening weekend launches. The DS moved 87,000 units while the Wii moved 105,000.

That does not mean, however, that the 3DS and its opening weekend are the fastest selling ever in the UK. The PSP and PS3 moved more units during their Weekend launch, placing Nintendo, oddly enough, in the middle of the pack in opening weekend sales. The 360 only moved 70,000 units.

Even by looking at recent sales figures, it's easy to figure out that these initial results are not the best gauge for system performance. The PS3 and PSP fell from their opening sales tallies and became the tail of the hardware sales race for a long time. The PSP is destined to its final days as the bottom of the pile, but the PS3 is gaining momentum every day.

To see the 3DS' initial sales results does little more than clarify that the console is not a complete bust. Its doing well, even when compared to previous successful iterations from the same company. That's promising for Nintendo and their intended innovative new tech.

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