While the rest of the world nags and claws at the company for constantly repackaging its old franchises, Nintendo proves once again that it knows how to please its fans. The nostalgic pull of its classic series is a pleasure that only those who let themselves be suckered in can possibly understand.

This New Year’s, the company’s official Legend of Zelda Japanese Twitter account put out the perfect image to sum up what it means to be a lifelong Zelda fan.

Oh man, this is more than just an image of Breath of the Wild Link checking out a valley between his rocky cliff and Death Mountain. It’s a recreation of the series’ most iconic image, one used in the very beginning of the first game’s instruction manual.

Yes, instruction manual. Remember when games used to have those? Heck, remember when publishers used to put effort into making them look gorgeous?


Nintendo nostalgia is unlike anything else

Aside from possibly Final Fantasy and the franchises over at Square Enix, I can’t think of any company that knows how to inspire as much love for older times as Nintendo does. In fact, I’d give Nintendo an extra leg up because Square didn’t start to catch on until the Super Nintendo years, a whole half-decade after Nintendo restructured the video game industry in its image.

Happy New Year, Nintendo! I only hope the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild are all we’ve dreamed of. They’ll make 2017 a lot more palatable with all that is going on in the world.