Update (9:43am EST): We contacted Nintendo and learned that all pricing and launch information revealed during the Japanese conference that Iwata mentions below will be specific to Japan. The news will come at 3am EST.

Our contact from Nintendo could not go into specifics, but they did say that the information revealed during the presentation in New York will be completely separate from that in Japan.

Original story: As confirmed by the head of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, the Wii U will finally receive its official price point and release date tomorrow.

Here's what Iwata had to say on the official Nintendo of Japan Twitter account:

[岩田]こんばんは、任天堂の岩田です。明日13日木曜日の16時より、「Wii U発売に関するプレゼンテーション」をインターネットで放映いたします。Wii U本体の価格や発売日などの情報を発表させていただきます。

Or, as my Japanese has it:

[Iwata] Good evening, this is Iwata from Nintendo. Tomorrow, the 13th at 4pm, we will broadcast a Wii U sales information event on the internet. We will announce the Wii U's price and launch date.

Of course, when Iwata says "4pm," he's referring to Japanese local time. 4pm for them would be 3am for folks on the East coast in the United States. So, the price point and launch date announced at Nintendo's Japanese event will only be for Japan.

However, Nintendo is also holding a North American event tomorrow at 10am in New York City. We will be there, live and in person, in order to bring you the news. As the Japanese portion of Nintendo is announcing the Wii U's price and launch date tomorrow, expect the same information from the American version of the event.

[via Twitter]