Sunday's Super Bowl was pretty great, wasn't it?! I woke up at 6:30 AM, dragged myself to the nearest sports bar in downtown Kobe, Japan, suffered through the three most disappointing quarters of football I had ever seen, and then watched my New England Patriots battle back with one of the most epic, impossible comebacks in sports history!

I've already watched the game two times over now, and I still get chills! However, in my initial broadcast, I missed out on one of the Super Bowl's leading lures: the commercials! Thanks to the Japanese broadcast, I didn't see a single one, and I haven't seen a single one for the past nine years. This includes Nintendo's much touted, $5 million "Switch and Play" commercial for the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, I saw it before the show, but here it is again. Not as impressive as the record-setting Super Bowl itself, but I like it.

Analysts do as well, too. According to Ace Metrix, a research firm that "measures the impact of video advertising," this was the fourth best advertisement of the night based on "Attention, Likeability, Information, Change, Relevance, Desire and Watchability." After polling 500 "demographically balanced" people, Ace Metrix published its findings on what products found the most success during the Super Bowl.

  1. Ford – Go Further* (appeared before and after the game)
  2. Audi – Daughter
  3. King's Hawaiian – False Cabinet
  4. Nintendo – Switch & Play
  5. Kia – Hero's Journey
  6. Skittles – Romance
  7. LIFEWTR – Inspiration
  8. Febreze – Halftime Bathroom Break is Coming
  9. Wonderful Pistachios – Ernie Gets Physical
  10. Honda – Yearbooks

Ace Metrix stated that Nintendo succeeded in being "able to demonstrate an innovative new product with an entertaining ad."

Nintendo Switch was also one of the big surprises

Ace Metrix was so impressed by the impact the Nintendo Switch made that it called it one of the biggest surprises of the night… aside from the unfathomable and astronomical 31 unanswered New England Patriots points in the final 12 minutes of the game, that is.

See the extended cut of the commercial below.

TiVo points out that based on its system, "commercial retention compared to overall program viewership," that the Switch and a good many other of the ads above were not in its top ten. Who knows? They're just numbers after all, but Nintendo at the Super Bowl is still something that should resonate.