Is Nintendo serious with this hot mess? Are they really? Hori, the accessory maker that makes official gear for Nintendo, Tweeted a few images for their Nintendo Switch voice chat hardware for Splatoon 2.

This gallery offers all the images they shared. Make sure to flip to the last one and take a good, hard look.

So, we’re supposed to have a middle adapter shaped like a squid from Splatoon, plug in a headset, then plug in a line that goes from the adapter to our Switch and a separate line that goes from the adapter to our phone?

When Nintendo announced that they’d use a phone application to handle voice chat on the Nintendo Switch, we figured it would be inelegant. This solution? This is about as bad as it gets.

Imagine iPhone 7 users… They’ll need all the wires and parts, plus the headphone jack adapter to get this working.

It gets even stranger when you consider that this works best for off-TV play. If you want to use a wired connection (which you should if you’re playing an online shooter), you’ll need to dock the system and either sit close enough so that all the cables reach or buy an extension cable to go from the middle adapter to your Switch.

This just seems so clunky, doesn’t it?