The Nintendo Switch has been called many things, but media hub is not one of them. Nearly two years after its release, it only supports one major streaming service, Hulu, and there has been little indication more are on the way—at least until this past weekend.

The French website NintendoHome claims to have captured a screenshot it spotted through the Nintendo US site of what appears to be the YouTube app for the Switch. What makes the claim even more interesting is that the image reveals the app will be released on November 8, 2018.

Additionally, users on the forum site ResetEra have claimed they’ve been suggested the YouTube app on Nintendo’s site even though the app is still not available for the console.

Receiving the YouTube app would be a big addition for the Nintendo Switch. Given its portable nature, it was natural to assume Nintendo would make a big push with streaming, but that never formulated. US users only got Hulu and Japan users only got Niconico. However, if the report is to be believed, Nintendo is going to make some of the ground up with the addition of the YouTube app.

We’ll keep our eyes posted for the November 8 date and will pass along any additional details.