Nintendo Switch - 4

With the Nintendo Switch, it looks like Nintendo is prepared to launch the home and portable hybrid with a bit less in the way of multimedia entertainment beyond gaming.

Speaking with Business Insider, Nintendo Senior Public Relations Manager Kit Ellis explained that the Switch won’t have much for entertainment outside of gaming at launch. BI even notes that Ellis said that gamers won’t be able to watch Neflix on the console.

“The Switch,” Business Insider writes, “isn’t going to replace your iPad…”

Not at launch doesn’t mean not at all

The Wii U and Wii both launched without Netflix, the the earlier console has the excuse of Netflix not being nearly as huge. Nintendo tends to place emphasis on the gaming functionality of their systems rather than their broad entertainment potential in the early goings. I’d be more surprised if we don’t see Netflix at all.

Which, eventually, makes sense. Having the option to switch (heh) from Zelda to House of Cards if I’m somewhere with Wi-Fi during my travels sounds fantastic. Nintendo likely won’t skip that opportunity altogether. It just won’t be available, as we can say for a lot of things, at launch.