Motion controls are a touchy subject with video gamers. Some hate them, some love them, many are lukewarm to them, but the one area where we can all agree is that they shouldn’t be unnaturally forced into where they don’t belong.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Luckily, Nintendo promises it will be a bit less abrasive with jamming the Joy-Con’s motion capabilities in our faces this gaming generation. As confirmed by the recent Treehouse Live presentation, not all games will require the use of motion, most noticeably, its motion-based fighting game ARMS.

For those who want it, there will be a separate control scheme for the game.

Motion controls aren’t for everyone, and Nintendo knows it

Not everyone likes motion controls. Sometimes, you just want a television set and a controller to get the job done. Some say it’s more immersive, but for me, there really is no better feeling that using analog buttons and joysticks to put my commands into a game.

Back in the days of the Wii, I had to retreat to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 because I simply didn’t want to swing the Wii Remote to attack with Link’s sword. With no other options, I found my way into the loving arms of traditional controllers on rival platforms.

And when the casual market left the Wii in the dust, Nintendo seemed at a loss for a year or two on how to make games that appealed to core gamers who hated motion controls.

Thankfully, that’s in the past, and we’re moving forward with the lovely word “options.” If you like motion controls, the Switch is for you. If you don’t, the Switch can still be for you.