Sources over at GamesBeat claim that they know a few generalizations about the power of the Nintendo Switch. Those looking forward to a console that can hang toe-to-toe with the power of the standard PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might wind up a little disappointed.

The sources claim that “Nvidia’s last-generation Maxwell graphics-processing architecture” powering the console is not up to speed with what the basic PlayStation 4 console is capable of. It is definitely capable of running Nintendo style games and aging titles like Skyrim, but the latest and most advanced games might have problems with it.

Nintendo is also reportedly in such a rush to put out the Nintendo Switch that it does not have time to wait for the latest Nvidia Pascal tech. This is why it is settling for the aging Maxwell system. Nintendo doesn’t want to risk a competitor sneaking into the new console/handheld hybrid market before it can get there, and it doesn’t have time to let tech catch up.


Screen resolution at 720p, but better performance at 540p

Most interestingly in the report is that the sources say the Nintendo Switch is certainly capable of running a 720p game on its 6.2″ inch screen. However, because of the limited power of the handheld portion, “developers could get their games to run even smoother if they dropped the resolution to 540p.”

It’s an option that Nintendo will certainly be fine with. The company has always put fun and pleasure over hardware performance, and it’s a proud tradition that many who know the company saw coming from a mile away. However, third-party companies like EA and Ubisoft might think twice about sub-standard ports if the Switch is not up to speed, undoing the hard work Nintendo has put into luring them in.

Again, it’s just a report and rumor at this point. Stay tuned for official information on the Nintendo Switch on Jan. 12 at 11p.m. ET/8p.m. PT.