If you want a Nintendo Switch now but didn’t back when the wave of hype first started its swell, you’re in luck. Well, some luck. Walmart has announced that they’ll join GameStop and Best Buy in selling Nintendo Switch consoles at launch to customers who walk in the door without pre-orders.

Some Walmarts are even doing a midnight launch for the system, if the store has 24/7 hours. You should call your local Walmart on Thursday to find out, by the way. The same goes for Best Buy and GameStop. Call your local shop before you dig out the camping gear.

Plan ahead, arrive early

If you’re going to a midnight launch, get there early. Hours early. I remember thinking I was early for the Xbox 360 when I showed up at three hours before sale. I wasn’t. I was about 20th in line.

If the Nintendo Switch is a complete must-have for you, charge up your electronics, bring a few backup batteries and get out to your shop early. Earlier than your thinking.

The Nintendo Switch sells on March 3, 2017. That’s this Friday.