This one NeoGAF user might be the most talked about gamer around the internet this week, and it’s all thanks to a shipping mistake. Well, and thanks to his decision to share the news and willingness to capture lots of video.

NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot has given us a UI tour of the Nintendo Switch, and he gave gaming site FLOKO the world’s first Nintendo Switch unboxing video. Here it is:

Wonder if that site paid for that video? Probably?

Consider the system officially unboxed

The dock, the Joy-Con, the Joy-Con controller cradle, the system itself, the cables and even the paper manuals no one will read, all pulled out and set on a table in good unboxing fashion. If this stuff gets you psyched up, hope you enjoyed the video.

It is neat, I’ll say, seeing the cradle opened up and the power and video cables plugged in for the world to see.

Still, no games yet. I want to see the games! We’ll have more on the Nintendo Switch as it comes.