You can dock your Nintendo Switch. That’s one of the system’s main features. It can be played portably in a bunch of different configurations, or it can be placed gently in its dock for play on a television.

The folks at YouTube channel GizmoSlip? They juggle with their Switch. They no-look, over the shoulder, behind the back throw it into its dock. I cry every single time.

Meanwhile, I worry about possibly scratching the screen on my Nintendo Switch as I softly slip it into its dock. These guys are juggling with the thing in the name of a “durability test” (which is the latter part of the video’s title.

The Switch’s screen is known to scratch

The layer over the screen on the Nintendo Switch is plastic. The good news? It won’t shatter if dropped. The bad news? It’ll scratch really, really easily. You should probably nab a screen protector. They’re not expensive. Here’s a pile of them on Amazon.

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