Here it is: Your first footage of the Nintendo Switch.

Last night on The Tonight Show, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime dropped by, ostensibly to show off the upcoming mobile Nintendo game, Super Mario Run. And indeed, Reg did bring Super Mario Run with him, showing the mobile game off as he and host Jimmy Fallon stood next to one of Mario’s iconic question blocks. Oh, he also brought Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto. No biggie. Indeed, Fallon did check out this new take on Nintendo’s colorful plumber, losing his mind appropriately as he played Mario in front of its legendary creator.

Then, Reggie said he had one more thing to show, and Fallon clearly knew what was coming. He’s proven himself an enthusiastic gamer before, and this was no different, saying he’d watched the Switch debut commercial “about a million times.” The question block went away, revealing the Nintendo Switch in its place. Looking as excited as any other gamer would be to see Nintendo’s new console before just about anyone else, Fallon was breathless as Reggie added that he’d brought with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and brought it to life on-screen.

Reggie took control of the game for a while, playing it on the projector in front of them for a few minutes as Fallon showed off his gaming knowledge, describing how Miyamoto’s childhood adventures provided inspiration for The Legend of Zelda.

And then, they Switched.

Then, when it was time to give Fallon control of the game, Reggie pulled the Switch out of its cradle, giving us our first look at the Switch as a handheld device, allowing Fallon to play the game as the camera looked on from behind, showing off the same game Reggie was playing moments before. Fallon continued to talk up the console, showing off the kickstand and talking about the detachable controllers, calling it “three consoles in one.”

I imagine some fans will feel slighted at the surprise reveal, having not been present for it, but putting their game in the hands of someone who was assuredly going to be out-of-his-mind excited for it seems much more like Nintendo than an industry-standard press event.

Reggie confirmed that more information would be coming along on January 12 at the official event, but this our appetites have certainly been whetted with this first footage.

Finally, Miyamoto sat down with The Tonight Show’s house band, The Roots, to play a nine-man rendition of the Mario theme with Miyamoto himself on acoustic guitar.