The official FCC filings for the Nintendo Switch ahead of its reveal next month confirm and deny a few of the more technical features for the home and portable console.

First of all, the system will support both modern Bluetooth and the speedy 5GHz Wi-Fi. The latter is absolutely clutch for in-home play of something like Splatoon, especially since its less prone for interference with other gadgets that use the standard 2.4GHz band. While not as good as a wired connection, 5GHz Wi-Fi is pretty capable for online gaming.

On the missing features front, we have on that some fans were hoping to see. The Nintendo Switch will not have its own 3G or LTE communications system. That is, you’ll need to be connected to Wi-Fi of some kind in order to go online with the system. Personally, I don’t mind the absence of this feature. It’s one I don’t think I would have used, and I’d rather not have another subscription fee for a connected device.

The FCC filing reveals tidbits about the battery, too

According to the filing, the battery will not be removable. Nintendo might sell external expansions (or those might come from third party suppliers), but end-users won’t be able to swap batteries for something bigger or to replace the aging product.

That’s a bummer in my mind. Hopefully this thing has solid battery life.

The Nintendo Switch will be fully revealed on January 12, 2017. We’ll have more then.