Whenever a popular new piece of electronic hits shelves, iFixit is on the scene right away with a full teardown of the device to give us a peek at what’s inside and to figure out whether or not it’ll be even a little bit repairable. When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, there’s some good news.

We can repair it, we have the technology

The team at iFixit goes through the process step by step in the video above, and goes through it in detail with photographs, too. They end up giving the tablet and 8 out of 10 in terms of repairability. You’re going to need a special screwdriver to get into the thing, but once you’re in there, you’re in for a mostly-modular system. The components are held in place by screws instead of adhesive, and many of the components are discrete instead of built into the same board.

The system is selling right now with 32GB of internal storage, but that seems likely to change before too long, based on iFixit’s findings. The memory card is a separate piece of hardware, and swapping a new one in would be a simple matter for Nintendo. No new engineering would have to be done to the hardware to make it work. As to whether that means we can pick up new chips and slot them in ourselves, that remains to be seen. It’s physically possible, but getting past the software hurdles might be a different story.

Considering that the Switch’s screen seems to scratch through normal use, it’s a good thing the screen is pretty easy to pop out once you’re into the system.

The team tears down the Joy-Con controllers and dock as well. The two controllers together pack about a quarter of the battery life of tablet itself. The dock is extremely simple, consisting of a single board.

If you’re the daring type who loves to dig into your consoles, get your picks and spudgers ready and check out this video.