The Nintendo Switch is a hot ticket this year, with most retail locations (both online and off) completely out of stock since launch. That launch went down on March 3, 2017, and it’s been the same way since.

According to the Financial Times, as covered by, Nintendo’s a little bit afraid of that lack of stock continuing through the holiday season and into next year. According to those sources, Nintendo has ordered that production is ramped up enough to produce 18 million consoles before the end of March 2018.

Nintendo needs Switches in stock at Christmas

One of the potentially major boons that was to come from launching a console in spring was that diehard fans would get their platforms early. Then, more casual consumers would be able to snap up the system near the holidays as a lot of the buyers were already done.

Nintendo has always had supply problems (look to the NES Classic for proof of that one), so they obviously hoped to curtail a bit of that and make room for more success by the end of the year.

Either the Switch is hotter than they thought it would be, or they can’t keep their production pace up. Nintendo needs to get this handled before the holiday if they want to enjoy pure success.