Feel like watching a horror movie? Feel like watching a horror movie where the victim is a Nintendo Switch? Well, here you go. YouTuber JerryRigEverything put the Nintendo Switch through its paces in a thorough and punishing durability test.

The key takeaway that Switch owners should absolutely care about? It’s all interesting, but the clip’s focus on the system’s screen is what matters most. It’s plastic, not glass. Plastic scratches very easily. If you toss this thing in a bag without a case or anywhere that loose objects move and jiggle, it’s gonna get scratched. You need a screen protector.

There’s good news, though. The decision to make the screen out of plastic means that it won’t crack from falls the same way a glass screen would. Yes, it will scratch, but it won’t shatter with a normal drop. That’s the trade off here. Consider that clumsy kids might drop this thing all the time, and a more shatter-resistant screen makes sense.

Buy a screen protector

Just get a screen protector. Scratches will happen. It sounds like the dock itself will scratch the system’s bezel. You want a screen protector. They’re not too expensive, so pick one up.

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