The price for the Nintendo Switch, which will apparently sell in two different forms, has leaked in two countries.

In the UK, Let’s Play Video Games has it from a source close to retail chain GAME that the Nintendo Switch will sell for £199.99 in base form. A different version with more internal storage and, supposedly, a game packed in will sell for £249.99. Let’s Play Video Games has an exceptional track record when it comes to Nintendo Switch rumors, so add that credibility to this.

In Canada, a Toys “R” Us listing (which has been removed) priced the console alone at $329.99 CAD. That listing made no mention of a second SKU.

The Nintendo Switch price leaks point towards $250 and $300 for the U.S.

Barring some extreme economic fallout between now and March 2017 (what could go wrong?), these rumors indicate that the Nintendo Switch is primed for two competitive price points. The console could launch in the U.S. for $250 and $300.

Let’s Play Video Games also has it that the Switch Pro controllers will sell for $39.99. This price falls in line with what Nintendo charged for Wii U Pro Controllers.


While I’m not ready to call these rumors confirmed, I do hope that the Switch falls into these two price points. I could easily justify dropping $300 on a portable/home console hybrid from Nintendo.

We’ll have more on the system as it comes. Nintendo announced the next major Switch event for January 2017.