Blue Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is set to become a scarce item in Japan. While other regions saw their pre-orders for the new console open up earlier this month, Japan only gained access to pre-ordering the Switch this past weekend.

Since then, more than 80% of the country’s allotment of the first Nintendo Switch shipment has been claimed. The word comes from Media Create, a firm that releases software and hardware sales figures in the gaming space in Japan.

The Nintendo Switch is due to ship roughly two million consoles around the world for launch on March 3, 2017. They have not indicated how much of that has been set aside for Japan, but this platform will be tough to find near launch in its home country.

Pre-orders are hard to come by in the States, too

Aside from the flurry of pre-orders that went up in the days after the initial reveal, it’s been tough to come by a pre-order for the Nintendo Switch in the United States, too. That goes for the console’s accessories, too, with them going up for sale and down at regular intervals.

The Joy-Con pre-orders are going for $150 on eBay (they retail for $80), and Nintendo Switch system pre-orders are going for $500 or more. These are for pre-orders, not even the platform itself.