One of the key features Nintendo’s offering with the Switch’s parental controls system and their Parental Controls app is playtime monitoring. That is, parents can actually see which games their kids are playing and how long they’re playing them in order to get involved.

Unfortunately, it’s sort of broken. Fellow kids, if you don’t want your parents to track your Switch playtime, take the console offline. That’s all it takes. Nintendo Life discovered that the console does not store the playtime and then sync it with the app once the console is back online.

Seriously? The Switch is a portable system that will invariably be used away from an internet connection by kids; if they’re allowed to use the console. How in the world can parents monitor what they’re kids are playing if it stops tracking that information when offline?

Surely this can be patched

I cover this story as a parent, not a kid trying to score some more Breath of the Wild playtime (though, I get it). Nintendo needs to offer a fix for this one. It seems like a pure oversight on their part.

If this does get patched, we’ll be on it.