Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima spoke to Japanese business newspaper Nikkei, and industry watcher Dr. Serkan Toto relayed the results. Kimishima told the paper that the system’s online service will have a yearly cost between 2,000 and 3,000 yen. In American currency, that’s somewhere between $15 and $30.

When Nintendo revealed the Switch, they also revealed a plan to expand their online services. Concern from fans was that the previously-free service wouldn’t live up to the cost associated with it. At just half the price of Sony and Microsoft’s services in a worst-case scenario, Nintendo will have a lot less to worry about in terms of justifying the cost of their service.

Nintendo has a little while to figure things out

The service will be free for the first six months of the Switch’s life, giving Nintendo ample time to work out any kinks in the service and gauge whether the offerings outside of multiplayer service are enough to pull gamers in.

Kimishima said that going with a flat yearly fee makes it easier for Nintendo to support features. He also added that Nintendo is “studying” VR and will consider adding VR to the Switch once they figure out how to make it more comfortable for long play sessions.

The Nintendo Switch releases on March 3, 2017.