No more shenanigans from those unofficial unboxings that literally came from a stolen console (crazy story, by the way). This here is the real deal. The folks at Nintendo took the latest Nintendo Minute show on YouTube to unbox the Nintendo Switch.

Kit and Krysta dig into the gray console. It’s an unboxing, plain and simple. Let it serve as a quick look at what officially comes in the box.

Those clicks sure are sweet

It’s such a small thing to notice, but the click feedback produced by the sliding Joy-Con is wonderful. I sort of love my 3DS for this, and always have. Japanese hardware design usually has a clicking feedback for things that lock into place, and I can remember the sound of my clamshell phone in Japan clicking as I opened and closed it. That was satisfying, too.

So, here it is on the Nintendo Switch. There’s another video with the actual, in-game audio and visual feedback, too.