Nintendo’s officially to the point in the launch of the Switch that they’re releasing user guide videos. The first one comes for first-time use. Go figure, right?

The video takes users through the initial console setup process. Not the bits about unboxing and hooking up wires, but moving through system screens in order to get playing. Here’s the clip.

The Nintendo Switch will make this the slowest week ever

Here it is, Monday, February 27, and we have to make it all the way to… Friday!? We’re waiting right there with you, friends. The hype for this interesting little platform is reaching a fever pitch.

Videos like these are more of a novelty in the modern era of gaming. I watched a few for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even PlayStation VR, but I can’t remember ever doing anything like that for previous platforms.

Granted, go back far enough and we’re talking about before the days of YouTube. That’s an interesting thought that makes time seem faster. Hm, okay, I’ll take that on launch week.

Are you getting a Switch?