Nvidia has a special version of their Tegra processor in the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to that hardware inclusion in Nintendo’s newest console and its initial success, Nvidia saw a nice boost in revenue over last year.

Nvidia covered the success of their Tegra product in a recent earnings release for the company. It’s all up since last year, and they specifically call out the growth connected to Nintendo’s Switch. Here’s their verbiage.

Tegra processor business revenue, which included gaming development platforms and services, was $332 million, up 108 percent from a year ago and up 29 percent sequentially. Tegra business revenue includes SOC modules for Nintendo Switch.

Everybody’s a winner when a console sells well

The Nintendo Switch has been off to a banner start, and the console’s timing in the calendar will likely make it a hit all year. Once things slow down this summer, gamers and holiday shoppers will be hit with more stock and the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey.

The Nintendo Switch itself is sold at a profit with each console moved, too, so that means all parties are seeing gains here. That’s good news for every company involved with the Nintendo Switch.