2D Boy Switch Games

Good news? Three more games have been added to the Nintendo Switch’s day-one launch lineup. Bad news? They’re old and have released on other platforms before.

The good news that balances out that bad news: they’re good games.

The three titles are World of GooLittle Inferno and Human Resource Machine from 2D Boy. Each of these titles has seen the light of day on lots of other platforms, though they’re all quite fun. World of Goo is largely regarded as the best of the bunch, while I love Little Inferno for the dark and odd story it tells.

Honestly, these are awesome titles, and I only have good things to say about 2D Boy as they bring them to the Nintendo Switch.

This is fine, I guess…

I don’t really think anyone was asking for these games on the Switch. I mean, totally cool that they’re coming, don’t get me wrong. If Nintendo actually does a great job hosting digital sales on the Switch and highlights these classics, I might be diving in again.

These games, though, aren’t really day-one system sellers. I expect I’ll still see their logos right next to Zelda on message boards as people yell about the Nintendo Switch’s growing launch lineup.

If you get a Switch, have nothing to play after Zelda and want more? Check any of these three out. They’re great.