This might seem completely useless and gratuitous on Nintendo’s part, but this feature for the Nintendo Switch is one of those design things that produces satisfying feedback for users. After all, user feedback is a huge part of nailing great hardware and software, and this might be one of the coolest we’ve seen from Nintendo in a while.

When you slide the Joy-Cons into place on the system, you get that practically trademark Nintendo Switch snap sound and a visual flash on the corresponding side of the Switch’s screen. The video was uploaded by YouTuber Riomegon, and it was captured during a Disgaea 5 presentation in Japan. Check it out.

That click! That visual cue!

Like I said, it’s small. Of course, the visual and aural cues were necessary thanks to the way the Switch will be held during portable play. That is, if you’re holding the Joy-Con and they’re not in all the way, the Switch itself could slide out and onto the ground.

These cues say it’s safe to pick up and play the system. They just happen to be pleasing, and that’s being echoed all over the internet.