Nintendo Switch color customization

When I first saw the Nintendo Switch had color options for its Joy-Con controllers, the first thing that came to mind was Moto Maker. Imagine the possibilities of customizing your own Switch console through a website and having Nintendo deliver your personalized prize right to your doorstep. How sweet would that be?

Nope, in North America, you’re stuck with either the dark gray/almost black version of the console or the one with a bundled red and light blue Joy-Con. No options in the United States.

In Japan however, buyers have the option of choosing their own colors through their My Nintendo account! Granted, they only have four choices of black, gray, red, and light blue so far, but the console hasn’t even been released yet. There are still plenty of years to go with the Switch, and as it becomes more popular, the chances of more options also goes up! How lucky!

Blue Nintendo Switch

Hmmm, I don’t have a Japanese My Nintendo account. Seeing that the console is region-free, maybe it’s not too late to sign up!

How much are new colors worth to you?

These options are somewhat limited in the beginning, but it’s smart for Nintendo to hold back. The Joy-Con controllers are going to retail for $80 separately, and as more colors come out, the drive to buy more Joy-Con controllers will also increase. Green, yellow, purple. Trust me, Nintendo knows what it’s doing by letting these options come out slowly.

Please, pace yourselves Nintendo fans. Wait for your favorite color, because it will come out soon.