It was inevitable, but someone has already figured out how to crack the Nintendo Switch’s closed operating system—and it was done using an old Apple exploit.

Apparently, the Nintendo Switch uses an old version of Apple’s WebKit, which hackers figured out how to hack eons ago. As far back as iOS 9.3, in fact. Why Nintendo is using an outdated version of WebKit is unclear. But it means hackers are already gaining access to places they’re not supposed to.

A lengthy video (below) from LiveOverFlow dives into the logistics of the exploit, which Apple patched months ago. Somehow, Nintendo didn’t get the memo.

Although the Switch doesn’t come with a web browser, the console has a hidden WebKit portal when you connect to Wi-Fi. While cracking into the Switch doesn’t necessarily mean a full-blown jailbreak is imminent, hackers are already on the way to completely controlling the portable console.

If hackers can figure out how to gain further access—which they probably will—emulation possibilities could open up—and maybe more. This isn’t the first Nintendo console to be hacked, of course, but it’s certainly one of the more unusual and unexpected exploits.

Nintendo will probably issue an update soon

Everything is in the early stages at this point, so don’t start holding your breath for a Switch jailbreak just yet. But the exploit is the first sign that hackers can gain control of the console, and potentially open up a world of possibilities.

At least, until Nintendo issues an update.