Nintendo Switch owners will have plenty of AAA titles to choose from in the coming months, including Mario Tennis Aces and Octopath Traveler. Following Tuesday's Nindies presentation, there will be a plethora of great indie options, too.

The standout additions include Banner Saga 3, Mark of the Ninja Remastered, and The Messenger, the latter of which is an 8-bit platformer reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden.

"Since the launch of Nintendo Switch, we've continued to be blown away with the amount of high-quality games coming from our passionate Nindie developers, and the positive fan reception for those experiences," said Damon Baker, Nintendo of America's Senior Manager for Publisher & Developer relations.

Since its arrival last year, the Switch has become a haven for indie games, with games like Golf Story, Stardew Valley, and others all finding a home on the portable console.

Needless to say, if you're a big supporter of indie games, the next few months will be keep you very busy. Below is a list of all the new titles heading to the Switch over the next few months. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn't share exact release dates or pricing.

  • Mark of the Ninja Remastered from Klei Entertainment (fall)
  • Banner Saga 3 from Versus Evil (summer)
  • LUMINES REMASTERED from Enhance Games (spring)
  • Just Shapes and Beats from Berzerk Studio (summer)
  • Reigns: Kings & Queens from Nerial and Devolver Digital (spring)
  • The Messenger from Sabotage and Devolver Digital (summer)
  • Fantasy Strike from Sirlin Games (summer)
  • Pool Panic from Rekim and Adult Swim Games (this year)
  • Garage from tinyBuild Games (spring)
  • Light Fall from Bishop Games (spring)
  • Bomb Chicken from Nitrome (summer)
  • Pode from Henchman & Goon (spring)
  • West of Loathing from Asymetric (spring)
  • Bad North from Plausible Concept and Raw Fury (summer)